Engineered for Environment, Green the Earth

BGlobe Environmental Engineering Sdn Bhd
is a turnkey environmental engineering company. We are specializing in providing high temperature flue gas treatment system to the various industries.

The industries we are servicing:-

  1. Aluminium Smelting Plant
  2. Copper Smelting Plant
  3. Tin and Lead Soldering Plant
  4. Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plant
  5. Clinical Waste Incineration Plant
  6. Waste Recovering Plant (spent catalyst, aluminium hydroxide etc.)

We also provide air pollution control equipment to the general industries such as:-

  1. Tyre Manufacturing
  2. Stainless Steel Piping Buffing
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. Furniture Manufacturing
  5. Foundry
  6. Cement Plant etc.

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